Our Personal Philosophy of Patient Dental Care

During the last 30+ years that our office has been open the Dental Profession has made great leaps in Technology. From our first contact with you we are committed to your individual attention and will listen to your needs, interpret your concerns and address your desires.

At Rollins Family Dental Center our patients always come first. We are committed to a philosophy of dental care which places the Patient First. We work for the Patient's best interest, not their Insurance Companies best interest. That means we are committed to serve the best interests of our Patient's "Lifetime Dental and General Health Care."

  • "Lifetime Dental Care" is in our patient's long-term best interest.
  • "Lifetime Dental Care" gives our patients the highest quality of life for the investment made.
  • "Lifetime Dental Care" offers a lower lifetime cost over the "patch & repair" approach.

Because we want our patients to keep their teeth in comfort and health, our "Lifetime Dental Care" approach focuses on four key areas:

  • We will Assess Patients' oral healthcare needs from a "Lifetime point of view."
  • We will Provide Patients with a maximum oral healthcare approach to "maintain their teeth for a Lifetime."
  • We will Shift Patients attitudes away from a short term patch, repair mode.
  • We to Create attitudes in Patients to a "do it right the first time" approach "for longer lasting Lifetime care."
  • We will Establish an office environment that is supportive, comfortable, inviting, and attractive.

Rollins Family Dental Center 's "Lifetime Dental Care" approach has direct benefits.

  • This approach allows and results in a Superior Oral Healthcare for our valued Patients.
  • Treatment recommendations are made for the most ideal, strongest and longest lasting restorations available for the Patient's particular dental condition and need.
  • This approach creates and allows Trusting Relationships for our Patients who can count on our Staff to put our Patients' best interests ahead of their Insurance Companies best interest.
  • We will always work for our Patients, not the Insurance Companies.


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